A Teenage Girl’s Journey to Weight-loss and Living Her Dreams

book coverAt the age of fourteen, Whitney Holcombe made a decision that would forever change her life. Weighing 230 pounds, Whitney was unhealthy, unhappy, lonely, self conscious and absolutely sick of being that way.

On one fateful summer day Whitney decided she would lose weight. One Year and one hundred pounds later, Whitney was no longer unhealthy or unhappy. By simply changing her diet and exercise habits she not only lost weight, but in the process became the confident and fit teenager she’d always wanted to be.

Now, she is dedicated to improving the lives of other teen girls like her who are in need of a serious life change. One Year One Hundred Pounds tells her story of that one fateful year while guide-lining how others can begin their own transformative journey. Whitney provides the practical tips, inspiration, motivation and encouragement to help anyone who wants to change their life.

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My Story…

Growing up I didn’t understand that food made you fat.  I caught on pretty quickly, however, that being fat was a “bad” thing to be.  It meant people treated you differently, because the “fat girl” wasn’t like a normal girl.  It meant kids didn’t want to be your friend or play with you on the playground.

“It meant you were judged and harassed mercilessly because of a number on the scale that was much higher than everybody else.”

Needless to say, my childhood does not hold many fond memories for me.  But at some point I got tired of the teasing and the feelings of unworthiness and self consciousness that came along with it.

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“I got tired of being the “fat girl” and nothing more.  I knew that I was more, a lot more, than just my body weight.”

It was two weeks before my first day of high school, I was fourteen years old, and it was the day that I decided to end my days as the “fat girl”.  From that moment forward my life would never be the same.  I knew I wanted my life to change, but I had no idea how much it really could…