Me sitting on a bench in Disney world, 13.  Me holding my medal just after running the Disney Marathon

Me sitting on a bench in Disney world, 13. Me holding my medal just after running the Disney Marathon

You want to lose weight.  You want to be the next success story and show your before and afters.  You can only imagine how great you would look and feel if you were fit and healthy.  You’re tired of being self-conscious about your size and you hate being “the fat friend”.  But you just can’t seem to find the motivation to really do anything about it.  Or maybe you do try doing something about it, but after only a few days you give up.  You just can’t seem to stay on track no matter how many times you try again.  What is wrong with you?  Why do you keep failing?

Well, it might be because you’re afraid of losing weight.  I know, it sounds crazy.  Why would you be afraid of losing weight?  You hate your situation right now.  You want to lose weight so that you can look and feel great.  You want it more than anything else right now.  What is there to be afraid of?

By nature people are creatures of habit.  Either consciously or subconsciously we fear change.  Even though you think you want more than anything to lose weight, deep down a small part of you may be scared to do so.  It’s that small part of you that is sabotaging your success. Why would you purposely sabotage yourself?   You may not like everything about your life right now, but it’s all you’ve ever known.  You’ve grown used to it and you’re comfortable.  But what were to happen if you got what you wanted?  You finally lose all that weight and are no longer the “the fat friend”!  It would be exciting right?  But it would also be a little bit scary wouldn’t it?

Getting what you want means you’re whole lifestyle would have to change. No more coming home after a long day and vegging on the couch until you go to bed. To get and maintain that body you would need to come home and hit the gym! Nightly bingeing on ice cream and granola bars would have to stop for sure.  Your friends might even have to change.  Sometimes friends and family won’t be so supportive of your new healthy lifestyle.  If you want to succeed, you’ll want to find friends who will help you reach your goals instead of holding you back.  The way people see you and treat you will change.  How will they react to your slimmer appearance?  How will you react?

The possibility of all this change might just be what is scaring you back into your old habits.  Maybe subconsciously you’re afraid you’re not ready for it yet.  That’s why you keep finding a reason to binge or skip the gym, making it impossible for you to ever reach your goals.  But unless you change you will always be where you are now.  You have two choices:  change or live your entire life this way.  Now, which one of those sounds scarier?  Ask yourself this question next time you find yourself slipping back into old habits.  Don’t let your fear of change stop you from becoming who you want to be.  Trust me, it will be a change for the better

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