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The holidays are coming!  That means friends, family, presents, parties and a whole lot of food.  I love the holidays and I love food, so I will totally be scarfing down at least a few Christmas cookies.  But while letting go a little bit over the holidays is okay, it’s very easy to go overboard.  It’s basically sweet treats galore this time of year.  While you are just now finishing up your Halloween candy (or your younger siblings candy since, you know, sadly some of us are too old for trick or treating)  along comes Thanksgiving, the most gluttonous day of the year!  And before you even finish that last bite of cranberry sauce, you’ve got people shoving candy canes and gingerbread cookies in your face.  So much food in so little time.  What started out as that one bite of Halloween candy has turned into nearly three months of overeating.   Three months of overeating  can easily add on an extra ten pounds.  Not exactly ideal when you’re goal is to be losing those pounds.  So how do you stay on track during the holidays?  Thankfully, there is a few ways you can stay on track and still get to indulge in holiday festivities.

Plan which days you’ll indulge:

Thanksgiving is only one day out of November.  Christmas is only one day out of December.  However, holiday sweets and treats are available everywhere well before either holiday actually occurs.  Then there are those holiday parties.  Depending on how popular you are, that could be quite a few occasions to give in to your pumpkin pie addiction.  So stick to only allowing yourself to indulge on the actual holiday and maybe one or two of your most anticipated parties.  The other days stay clear of the buffet table!  Eat before you attend any party so you will not be as tempted to sneak a bite.

Amp up your cardio:

Exercise is an obvious method for burning extra calories.  If you’re not already following a weekly workout routine, get on it!  For those of you who are, amp it up a bit.  Add on at least an extra ten minutes to every workout.  Do more push-ups than you do now or add more time on the treadmill.  An extra 10 minutes of running burns an additional 100 calories.  You’ll be wanting to burn as many calories as possible if you hope to make it through this season without popping a button on your pants.

Fill up on the right stuff first:

It’s inevitable that you are going to be eating a lot at your holiday dinners.  And of course you want to try everything that’s being offered because, um, it’s all delicious!  But maybe re-think your plate filling strategy.  Instead of plopping on a mountain of mashed potatoes and a spoon full of peas, do the exact opposite.  Fill your plate first with your veggies and protein.  If you fill your stomach with more protein and fiber, you’ll have less room for the devilishly delicious (and caloric) items.  You’ll still get to eat your favorite treats, you’ll just be saving yourself a lot of unwanted calories.

Happy Holidays!



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