I wanted to share this story for anyone who needs a boost of motivation today.  This is the story of 20 year old Kristina, who is yet another example that changing your body (and your life) really is possible through hard work and dedication.  Exactly one year ago I received an email from Kristina telling me she had just picked up my book at the bookstore and was eager to take any advice she could get to help her get healthy.  She started her journey at 234 pounds, almost exactly the same weight I began mine.  A few months later I heard from Kristina again, telling me she had hit a plateau (which almost everyone most certainly does), her weight hadn’t budged in weeks and she wasn’t sure why.  I offered her more advice hoping it would help her out of her rut.  A lot of people lose their motivation when they hit a plateau.  Results stop showing up as fast, even though you’re still trying to eat right and exercise.  A lot of people begin to lose hope, they give up.  But not Kristina.  Instead of giving up, Kristina tried harder.  She was determined to finish what she set out to do.  Now, one year later Kristina has done just that.  In one years time, Kristina has lost an astounding 75 pounds!  She has won one of the toughest battles anyone can ever face.  She has conquered herself. And now she can take the confidence she’s gained in knowing this with her wherever she goes in life.  Congratulations Kristina!

Kristina Transformation

“hi Whitney!!
so exactly one year ago today, I finished your book! it forever has changed my life and I am so grateful that I found it at Barnes and noble. I feel my best and have so much confidence. I lost 75 pounds this year and hope that I can lose a little bit more in 2016. here are some of my before and after pictures…”


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