Remember that time you promised yourself you’d begin eating better and working out, right before you delved into that big fat slice of cheesecake?  Well, to be clear you promised you would start eating better and going to the gym after you ate the cheesecake.  Yeah, one more night of indulgence and then you’d start getting healthy.  Yep, you’d hit the treadmill, burn off all those calories and eat nothing but celery if you had to!  Hmm, okay, then how come two weeks later you found yourself sitting in front of another slice of cheesecake (or whatever it is you indulge in) making yet again the same promise to yourself.  The promise that you will do better…some other time, not now.  The problem is, that other time didn’t come did it?  That other time was just another day like today, where you still did not act on your decision to lose weight.

But what if you had?  Where would you be if you had started changing your lifestyle the very first day you realized you needed to lose weight?  What if, instead of digging into that cheesecake you had put the fork down and walked away?  What if, instead of promising to do better sometime in the near future, you did better right then and there in that moment?  How far along would you be right now if you had done just that?  Yep, that’s right.  You would be a lot thinner wouldn’t you?  There is no such thing as doing better in the future, because the future doesn’t exist as of now.  You don’t know what’s going to happen in the future do you?  All you know for certain is right now.  you can’t change your past, and you can’t make decisions for yourself in the future.  You can only make decisions for yourself right now in the present.  By saying you will start eating better and exercising sometime later,  means you are not willing to do it right now in the present.  If you are not willing to do it right now, then you never will be.  Because tomorrow quickly becomes today and today is when you need to make the decision to change your life.  If you are really serious about losing weight and changing your body, then prove it.  Put the cheesecake away and get off your butt.  Start changing your life today so that two weeks from now, instead of saying “I wish I had started sooner” you will be saying “I’m so glad I started when I did!”.

Losing weight has dramatically changed my life in so many good ways.  My biggest regret is that I did not start sooner.  My childhood would have been a completely different experience had I had the knowledge and discipline to begin getting healthy sooner.  The past is the past, I’m no longer the girl you see in my “before” photos.   But now I am telling you as someone who has been where you are right now, to learn from my experience.  Start NOW.  Start now and don’t stop.  Start now, and you will have less years to regret not starting sooner.

The decisions you make today, determine your future tomorrow.

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