January has come and all of you who have made new year resolutions to get into shape are busy slaving away at the gym and drinking detox teas right?  Oh, you haven’t even started yet?  Well, that’s okay.  I’m a bit behind on my new year resolutions too, to be honest.  But I always follow through with my plans.  It’s okay to have a setback, but it’s not okay to give up!  Remember that.  This is especially true for this month.  The new year is a time for change, a chance to make up for last year and start fresh.  For a lot of people, that means getting healthy and losing weight.  For a lot of people, this is their new year resolution every year.

Hmm, looks like a lot of people have a hard time following through with their plans.  Is it because they are lazy oafs with no self discipline whatsoever?  No, I don’t think so at all.  What I think is these people try to take on too much too soon and wear themselves out.  They try to turn into green juice drinking gym rats overnight, only to find out that it’s really hard and quit within a week or two.  But that is their problem right there.  They tried to change their entire way of life in one day.   That is impossible for most anyone to do!  Especially people who have never set foot in a gym or gone a day without their usual midnight snack of ice cream and chips.  They start off thinking they have to eat perfectly and jump into high intensity boot-camp type workouts 6 days a week!  Then when they are burned out after only the first week, they realize they still have another 11 months and 3 weeks to go.  The idea of going just one more day following this strict regimen is daunting and exhausting.  This is when they begin to feel as if they will never be in shape, because they just can’t keep up.  And this is when they quit.

Setting big goals is great.  You should always strive to be the best you can be!  But setting big goals before you are ready can be destructive to your self esteem.  For example, if you were to set a goal of running a marathon with no marathon training you would most likely not be able to do it.  It would be hard for anyone to run a marathon, especially someone with no training.  If you keep making these types of goals, then you will keep failing.  After too many failed attempts, you’re going to start feeling pretty bad about yourself right?  You might start thinking that you will never be able to accomplish your goal, and then you might stop trying.

So, contrary to what motivational posts on Instagram might say, I’m telling you to think small.  Set small, do-able goals.  Being able to finish a Cross Fit workout might be the ultimate goal, but if you can’t even run 10 minutes without crying, then you need to start with a much less intense workout.  The same logic applies to your diet.  Don’t think you will be able to stick to eating only broccoli everyday, if right now you’re eating fast food everyday.  Start by simply cutting one bad food choice out of your diet and replace it with something healthier.  The idea is to build up your discipline and fitness gradually.  You have to complete the smaller goals before you can achieve the ultimate big goal.  That’s how it works.  Yes, this method will definitely take longer to lose weight than following a crazy crash diet extreme workout routine.  But when has that ever worked for you in the past?  It is better to achieve your goal slowly than to never achieve it at all.

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