About Whitney

Ever since I could remember I’d always been “the fat girl”.  I never thought one day I wouldn’t be, or that one day I’d be the one telling other people how to be fit!  Kind of crazy right?  But here I am.  My decision years ago to lose weight resulted in a 100 pound weight loss, an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show, a feature story in Seventeen Magazine and now my book 1 Year 100 Pounds.  I started to realize

Me with Oprah after the show!

Me with Oprah after the show!

how important telling my story could be after Seventeen Magazine gave me a guest blog spot on their website.  I got so many emails from girls who were inspired by my weight loss and wanted me to help them do the same.  I was happy to answer all of their questions and be of as much help as I could.  I felt like I had a lot of experience and knowledge to share that I got to thinking, what if I put everything I know in a book?  That way I could answer every girl’s question and reach even more girls who needed help.  Thus 1 Year 100 Pounds was born.  I began writing the book when I was 18 and a few years later (publishing a book is a long process I learned!) it was on the shelves at bookstores!  Now my story is available for anyone who needs help with weight loss.

Blowing out my candles on my 14th b-day (top right) Vs. my 17th birthday, a few years later

Blowing out my candles on my 14th b-day (top right) Vs. my 17th birthday, a few years later

Fitness has become such a big part of my life since I made that one decision.  I love working out and I love to eat healthy.  I didn’t just stop my fitness journey once I lost the weight.  There is always something to learn and always room to improve.   As always I’m happy to share what I know with anyone and everyone who wants to hear it.

When I’m not working out or writing something, I do a bit of modeling.  Again, my younger self would never have believed that would ever be possible!  But it was something I kind of fell into.  I’d always loved reading fashion magazines and drooling over beautiful clothes.  Never thought one day I’d be modeling them.  I also spend my time reading anything I can get my hands

on, drinking lot’s of coffee ( I love coffee!) and watching lot’s of Disney movies (I’m still a kid at heart).  Thanks for checking out my website!  If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you 🙂


Hawaii Profile Pic vs 8th grade pool pic

Me now (this was taken in Hawaii if you hadn’t already guessed!) and me at 14, weeks before I began losing weight


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