January has come and all of you who have made new year resolutions to get into shape are busy slaving away at the gym and drinking detox teas right?  Oh, you haven’t even started yet?  Well, that’s okay.  I’m a bit behind on my new year resolutions too, to be honest.  But I always follow through with my plans.  It’s okay to have a setback, but it’s not okay to give up!  Remember that.  This is especially true for this month.  The new year is a time for change, a chance to make up for last year and start fresh.  For a lot of people, that means getting healthy and losing weight.  For a lot of people, this is their new year resolution every year.

Hmm, looks like a lot of people have a hard time following through with their plans.  Is it because they are lazy oafs with no self discipline whatsoever?  No, I don’t think so at all.  What I think is these people try to take on too much too soon and wear themselves out.  They try to turn into green juice drinking gym rats overnight, only to find out that it’s really hard and quit within a week or two.  But that is their problem right there.  They tried to change their entire way of life in one day.   That is impossible for most anyone to do!  Especially people who have never set foot in a gym or gone a day without their usual midnight snack of ice cream and chips.  They start off thinking they have to eat perfectly and jump into high intensity boot-camp type workouts 6 days a week!  Then when they are burned out after only the first week, they realize they still have another 11 months and 3 weeks to go.  The idea of going just one more day following this strict regimen is daunting and exhausting.  This is when they begin to feel as if they will never be in shape, because they just can’t keep up.  And this is when they quit.

Setting big goals is great.  You should always strive to be the best you can be!  But setting big goals before you are ready can be destructive to your self esteem.  For example, if you were to set a goal of running a marathon with no marathon training you would most likely not be able to do it.  It would be hard for anyone to run a marathon, especially someone with no training.  If you keep making these types of goals, then you will keep failing.  After too many failed attempts, you’re going to start feeling pretty bad about yourself right?  You might start thinking that you will never be able to accomplish your goal, and then you might stop trying.

So, contrary to what motivational posts on Instagram might say, I’m telling you to think small.  Set small, do-able goals.  Being able to finish a Cross Fit workout might be the ultimate goal, but if you can’t even run 10 minutes without crying, then you need to start with a much less intense workout.  The same logic applies to your diet.  Don’t think you will be able to stick to eating only broccoli everyday, if right now you’re eating fast food everyday.  Start by simply cutting one bad food choice out of your diet and replace it with something healthier.  The idea is to build up your discipline and fitness gradually.  You have to complete the smaller goals before you can achieve the ultimate big goal.  That’s how it works.  Yes, this method will definitely take longer to lose weight than following a crazy crash diet extreme workout routine.  But when has that ever worked for you in the past?  It is better to achieve your goal slowly than to never achieve it at all.

Remember that time you promised yourself you’d begin eating better and working out, right before you delved into that big fat slice of cheesecake?  Well, to be clear you promised you would start eating better and going to the gym after you ate the cheesecake.  Yeah, one more night of indulgence and then you’d start getting healthy.  Yep, you’d hit the treadmill, burn off all those calories and eat nothing but celery if you had to!  Hmm, okay, then how come two weeks later you found yourself sitting in front of another slice of cheesecake (or whatever it is you indulge in) making yet again the same promise to yourself.  The promise that you will do better…some other time, not now.  The problem is, that other time didn’t come did it?  That other time was just another day like today, where you still did not act on your decision to lose weight.

But what if you had?  Where would you be if you had started changing your lifestyle the very first day you realized you needed to lose weight?  What if, instead of digging into that cheesecake you had put the fork down and walked away?  What if, instead of promising to do better sometime in the near future, you did better right then and there in that moment?  How far along would you be right now if you had done just that?  Yep, that’s right.  You would be a lot thinner wouldn’t you?  There is no such thing as doing better in the future, because the future doesn’t exist as of now.  You don’t know what’s going to happen in the future do you?  All you know for certain is right now.  you can’t change your past, and you can’t make decisions for yourself in the future.  You can only make decisions for yourself right now in the present.  By saying you will start eating better and exercising sometime later,  means you are not willing to do it right now in the present.  If you are not willing to do it right now, then you never will be.  Because tomorrow quickly becomes today and today is when you need to make the decision to change your life.  If you are really serious about losing weight and changing your body, then prove it.  Put the cheesecake away and get off your butt.  Start changing your life today so that two weeks from now, instead of saying “I wish I had started sooner” you will be saying “I’m so glad I started when I did!”.

Losing weight has dramatically changed my life in so many good ways.  My biggest regret is that I did not start sooner.  My childhood would have been a completely different experience had I had the knowledge and discipline to begin getting healthy sooner.  The past is the past, I’m no longer the girl you see in my “before” photos.   But now I am telling you as someone who has been where you are right now, to learn from my experience.  Start NOW.  Start now and don’t stop.  Start now, and you will have less years to regret not starting sooner.

The decisions you make today, determine your future tomorrow.

I wanted to share this story for anyone who needs a boost of motivation today.  This is the story of 20 year old Kristina, who is yet another example that changing your body (and your life) really is possible through hard work and dedication.  Exactly one year ago I received an email from Kristina telling me she had just picked up my book at the bookstore and was eager to take any advice she could get to help her get healthy.  She started her journey at 234 pounds, almost exactly the same weight I began mine.  A few months later I heard from Kristina again, telling me she had hit a plateau (which almost everyone most certainly does), her weight hadn’t budged in weeks and she wasn’t sure why.  I offered her more advice hoping it would help her out of her rut.  A lot of people lose their motivation when they hit a plateau.  Results stop showing up as fast, even though you’re still trying to eat right and exercise.  A lot of people begin to lose hope, they give up.  But not Kristina.  Instead of giving up, Kristina tried harder.  She was determined to finish what she set out to do.  Now, one year later Kristina has done just that.  In one years time, Kristina has lost an astounding 75 pounds!  She has won one of the toughest battles anyone can ever face.  She has conquered herself. And now she can take the confidence she’s gained in knowing this with her wherever she goes in life.  Congratulations Kristina!

Kristina Transformation

“hi Whitney!!
so exactly one year ago today, I finished your book! it forever has changed my life and I am so grateful that I found it at Barnes and noble. I feel my best and have so much confidence. I lost 75 pounds this year and hope that I can lose a little bit more in 2016. here are some of my before and after pictures…”


When I made the decision to lose weight, it wasn’t just because I wanted to look good.  I mean, okay, it was mostly that I’ll be honest.  Who doesn’t want to look and feel beautiful right?  But being overweight is a lot more serious than not being able to wear Abercrombie & Fitch or wanting that popular boy to finally notice you.  Obesity is dangerous.  It can lead to unhealthy and life threatening diseases and illnesses.  Not to mention you will miss out on a lot of fun things  you are just not in good enough shape to do.  I knew this, even at the shallow age of 14.  I knew that it wasn’t normal for a 14 year old to feel winded after less than a minute of exercise.  I knew that a lot of my dreams wouldn’t be possible if I continued to be overweight.  Surfing, running, climbing the great wall…all things I’d dreamed of doing or trying someday.    I wanted to live out my dreams more than anything.  My dreams were important to me, more so than just wanting to be pretty.

Wanting to lose weight to look good is a great motivator for sure, but I don’t think I would have been successful if that were my only reason.  The problem is, no matter how much weight you lose you will never have a “perfect body”, because a perfect body doesn’t exist.  No matter how pretty you are, not everyone is going to think you are.  Searching for approval from everyone you meet will only leave you feeling disheartened, like you failed.  If you approach weight loss for the sole purpose of wanting others to accept you, then you will fail.  The truth is that not everyone is going to like you no matter what you look like.  But honestly, who gives a s***?  Why lose weight for others?  Do it for you.  Do it because you want to.  Do it to feel strong.  Do it to feel confident.  Do it so you will lead a long and happy life.  Aren’t your dreams more important than a seat at the popular table?

Whitney 16 years old Christmas

The holidays are coming!  That means friends, family, presents, parties and a whole lot of food.  I love the holidays and I love food, so I will totally be scarfing down at least a few Christmas cookies.  But while letting go a little bit over the holidays is okay, it’s very easy to go overboard.  It’s basically sweet treats galore this time of year.  While you are just now finishing up your Halloween candy (or your younger siblings candy since, you know, sadly some of us are too old for trick or treating)  along comes Thanksgiving, the most gluttonous day of the year!  And before you even finish that last bite of cranberry sauce, you’ve got people shoving candy canes and gingerbread cookies in your face.  So much food in so little time.  What started out as that one bite of Halloween candy has turned into nearly three months of overeating.   Three months of overeating  can easily add on an extra ten pounds.  Not exactly ideal when you’re goal is to be losing those pounds.  So how do you stay on track during the holidays?  Thankfully, there is a few ways you can stay on track and still get to indulge in holiday festivities.

Plan which days you’ll indulge:

Thanksgiving is only one day out of November.  Christmas is only one day out of December.  However, holiday sweets and treats are available everywhere well before either holiday actually occurs.  Then there are those holiday parties.  Depending on how popular you are, that could be quite a few occasions to give in to your pumpkin pie addiction.  So stick to only allowing yourself to indulge on the actual holiday and maybe one or two of your most anticipated parties.  The other days stay clear of the buffet table!  Eat before you attend any party so you will not be as tempted to sneak a bite.

Amp up your cardio:

Exercise is an obvious method for burning extra calories.  If you’re not already following a weekly workout routine, get on it!  For those of you who are, amp it up a bit.  Add on at least an extra ten minutes to every workout.  Do more push-ups than you do now or add more time on the treadmill.  An extra 10 minutes of running burns an additional 100 calories.  You’ll be wanting to burn as many calories as possible if you hope to make it through this season without popping a button on your pants.

Fill up on the right stuff first:

It’s inevitable that you are going to be eating a lot at your holiday dinners.  And of course you want to try everything that’s being offered because, um, it’s all delicious!  But maybe re-think your plate filling strategy.  Instead of plopping on a mountain of mashed potatoes and a spoon full of peas, do the exact opposite.  Fill your plate first with your veggies and protein.  If you fill your stomach with more protein and fiber, you’ll have less room for the devilishly delicious (and caloric) items.  You’ll still get to eat your favorite treats, you’ll just be saving yourself a lot of unwanted calories.

Happy Holidays!



It takes a lot of motivation and hard work to lose 100 pounds!

It takes a lot of motivation and hard work to lose 100 pounds!

Now that you’ve read my book (go read it if you haven’t!), written down your fitness goals, bought all new workout clothes and signed up for a zumba class you’re all ready to go!  You are ready to do this!  You feel so motivated, nothing can stop you now!  At least that’s how you feel, for about a week.  You still want to lose weight, but now the idea of going to that zumba class sounds exhausting.  Maybe you’ll skip it tonight and go instead tomorrow.  And those fresh veggies in the fridge is what you really should be eating, but it would just be so much easier to heat up  that frozen pizza instead.  And so it goes.  What started out with you enthusiastically skipping your way to the gym and gladly munching on raw broccoli has ended only a week and a half later with you back on the couch eating a bag of M&M’s.  At this rate, you are never going to reach your fitness goals.  What happened?  You were so pumped when you first started, how do you stay that way?

Remember Why You Started:

It’s easy to skip the gym when you’re tired.  Especially now that it gets dark earlier and the temperature has dropped.  The last thing anyone wants to do is head to the gym on a cold rainy evening.  But just remember that if you don’t drag yourself to the gym, you’re never going to be where you want to be.  Where is it that you want to be? Why did you start working out in the first place?  And how badly do you want it?  Think about this next time you “just don’t feel like going to the gym”.  If you really wanted to change your body, you wouldn’t let a little rain deter you.  So how badly do you want to reach your goal?  More than anything you say?  Okay, then prove it.


Anytime I feel like being lazy or eating an entire pumpkin pie (I’ve really done this before.  It wasn’t hard at all), I pull out every kind of fitspiration I can find.  I buy a few fitness magazines, check my Instagram for fitness bloggers, watch clips of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, whatever gets me pumped to stay on track.  Looking at images of fit, healthy people who look amazing gives you something to look forward to.  We all want to look amazing and be super fit don’t we?  We all can if we workout hard and eat right!  Seeing other people who have already accomplished what you want to do, gives you hope that you can do it too.  Always keep a source of fitspiration close by when you’re losing motivation.

Set Small Goals:

Of course you have your big goal, the ultimate goal which is to have a totally rocking body and feel amazing.  But it is most likely going to be a long journey to get there.  Thinking about how far you have to go can be very de-motivating.  But you can’t think like that.  The time is going to pass anyway, might as well spend that time working towards a goal.  Just to keep your mind off of the long journey to the ultimate goal, set small goals.  Think of an area you need to improve in.  Maybe you need to drink more water.  Set a goal that for one week you will drink nothing but water.  Only able to run a couple miles at a time?  Make it a goal to work up to three miles by the end of the week.  Accomplishing these small victories doesn’t just give you something to do, it also helps build up your confidence and discipline.  When you’ve got a dozen small victories under your belt, the big one doesn’t seem so hard to conquer anymore.

No matter how many times you lose motivation and fall off the wagon, always get back on.  Don’t ever stop.  You will get there eventually, but only if you keep going!

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily”.

Zig Ziglar


This is for those of you who are ready to lose weight, but have no idea where to begin.  You’re an absolute newbie to fitness and have never picked up a dumbbell before in your life.  You probably don’t know what a dumbbell is and most definitely don’t know how to use one.  Diet?  You’ve never been on one, but from what you’ve heard they don’t sound too fun.  No, you don’t know much about losing weight, but you do know it’s about time you did it.  You do know you’re tired of your pants being too tight.  You’re tired of feeling self-conscious about your appearance.  And you’re tired of feeling so blah, all the time.  I mean you’re so young, shouldn’t you be abound with endless energy?  But instead, you’re gasping for breath after two minutes of jogging.  You’re sick of your situation and you want to change…but how exactly?

If I just described your life almost too accurately, it’s probably because I have firsthand experience in all of the above.  Just like you, I was a total newbie to anything fitness related.  My daily routine consisted of eating whatever and however much I wanted (which was rarely anything of nutritious substance) and sitting on my well-fed bottom all day long.   The idea of exercise other than the laps I was forced to run (well, attempted to run) in gym class was unfathomable.  I mean why would anyone want to run on purpose?

Then one day, just like you, I realized enough was enough and I needed to lose weight.  So I did.  I went from over fed under exercised fitness newbie, to a 100 pound lighter marathon running health and fitness advocate.  Yep, I’ve changed a bit and so can you.  Now, here’s a couple ways to get you started.

Start Moving

You need to exercise not only to lose weight, but for your health and well-being.  Don’t psych yourself out by thinking you have to jump into some crazy intense workout regime.  As a beginner it’s best to start slow.  Grab your headphones and start walking.  Aim to walk at least 30 minutes every day either outside or on the treadmill. I started out doing just this.  I was so out of shape that doing anything more was just too hard.  So I took it slow and did what I could, building up my fitness and endurance every time I went for a walk.  I went from having a near death experience every time I tried to run to running miles at a time with ease.  You have to start somewhere.

Eat Mindfully

You may not know that much about calories and carbs and all that other diet related stuff, but I bet you do know that an apple is better for you than a donut.  And I’m pretty sure you know that nobody really should eat an entire pint of ice cream by themselves in one sitting.  You don’t have to go cold turkey and eat nothing but broccoli and carrots, but you do have to pay attention to your eating habits.  Before you eat something, ask yourself if you could eat something even healthier (ex: apple over donut, grilled chicken over fried chicken)?  Are you going for that second helping because you’re still hungry or because it tastes good?  Do you really want to finish everything on your plate or are you just eating it because it’s there?  Think before you eat.  You need to be more aware of what you’re putting into your body and how it’s directly connected to your growing waist-line.  The ten pounds you gained since last year didn’t just magically appear on your body.  The french-fries, frappuccino’s, and cheese nachos most definitely had something to do with it.

Now that you know how to start, don’t stop.  You’re not going to lose a ton of weight after following my advice for one day.  It doesn’t work like that.  You have to work at it every single day if you’re ever going to see results.  But it’s really not so hard once you get started.  Just remember that every day is a chance to do better and get closer to your weight loss goals.  Start now. The sooner the better!


I’m sure you’ve heard of, and maybe even tried dozens of fad diets before.  There’s the Lemonade Diet, South Beach Diet, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Paleo Diet, and so on.  All of them are supposed to help you lose a lot of weight really fast, which sounds great doesn’t it?  But here is the thing with these fad diets…they do work.  I’m sure you probably thought I was going to tell you the opposite.  I’m sure you’ve heard before that diets don’t work because you need to make a lifestyle change and yada, yada.  Well, I’m going to get to that, but first let me tell you why these fad diets will help you lose weight.

Really, there is no secret to it other than each of these diets drastically decreases your calorie intake.  Weight loss basically comes down to calories in versus calories out.  So, if followed correctly, you will lose a ton of weight just like they promised.  What each of these diets also has in common is that they are completely unrealistic to how we eat in real life.  The most obvious example of this would be the Lemonade diet, where you drink nothing but syrup, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and water for two weeks.  Yes, you will lose weight, because you’re not eating anything!  But what happens after two weeks?  Uh, you’re going o be hungry as heck and devour three meals in one!  Then you’re just going to go right back to eating the way you were before and then be back where you started.  So what was the point of all that?

The same goes for those other diets that have you eating nothing, but grapefruit or nothing but protein, or only special pre-packaged meals.  When it comes to real life, do you really see yourself giving up carbs forever?  And what are you going to eat when those pricey frozen meals run out?  You’ll have to eat something.   Are you going to go right back to how you were eating before?  Most likely.  Because after all that discipline it took for you to stick to your strict fad diet, you still have not learned how to eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle.   And this is why diets don’t work.

Whether or not you want to hear it, you have to start slow.  This is especially true for those of you who have a lot of weight to lose and have never said no to a piece of chocolate before in your life.  It’s not realistic for you to say you’re going to cut out all junk food and processed food and only eat vegetables.  That will never last, because you’re going to be craving like crazy everything you’ve sworn off.  At one point you’re going to crack and dive into a ferocious binge that will leave you feeling worse about yourself than before. Then you’ll go back to your old eating habits because you’ll believe that eating healthy is too hard and you’ll never lose weight.

Hey, even I would go crazy eating nothing but vegetables every day!  You don’t have to go full force fitness fanatic to start losing weight.  What you do need to do is become aware of your bad eating habits and slowly start to change them.  If you’re eating sugary non-nutritious white bread with your sandwiches, switch it to whole wheat bread.  If you’re guzzling down glasses of soda or sugary fruit juices every day, switch over to water.  Instead of ordering french fries with your meal at your favorite restaurant, can you try going with the mixed vegetables instead?  There is always a healthier option and overtime it will be easier and easier for you to reach for it.

Although, these days I stick to a healthy diet of mostly unprocessed whole foods (lean protein, fruits, vegetables) I didn’t start out that way.  All I ever ate was fast food and junk food.  But I slowly started making healthier changes. Pretty soon I started to see results, which only made me that more eager to keep going.  The best part was that after a while I didn’t even miss the junk I used to eat before.  I felt and looked so great that I never wanted to go back to what I was doing before.  These days I still love eating healthy, but that’s not to say I never eat a piece of chocolate cake or scarf down a generous amount of salty french fries.  Of course I indulge every now and then, but that’s the difference.  I only do that every now and then.  Not every single day like I was before.  You must become aware of your bad eating habits and then consciously make the decision to change them. This is how you learn to eat healthy and this is how you are going to lose weight and keep it off for good.


Me sitting on a bench in Disney world, 13.  Me holding my medal just after running the Disney Marathon

Me sitting on a bench in Disney world, 13. Me holding my medal just after running the Disney Marathon

You want to lose weight.  You want to be the next success story and show your before and afters.  You can only imagine how great you would look and feel if you were fit and healthy.  You’re tired of being self-conscious about your size and you hate being “the fat friend”.  But you just can’t seem to find the motivation to really do anything about it.  Or maybe you do try doing something about it, but after only a few days you give up.  You just can’t seem to stay on track no matter how many times you try again.  What is wrong with you?  Why do you keep failing?

Well, it might be because you’re afraid of losing weight.  I know, it sounds crazy.  Why would you be afraid of losing weight?  You hate your situation right now.  You want to lose weight so that you can look and feel great.  You want it more than anything else right now.  What is there to be afraid of?

By nature people are creatures of habit.  Either consciously or subconsciously we fear change.  Even though you think you want more than anything to lose weight, deep down a small part of you may be scared to do so.  It’s that small part of you that is sabotaging your success. Why would you purposely sabotage yourself?   You may not like everything about your life right now, but it’s all you’ve ever known.  You’ve grown used to it and you’re comfortable.  But what were to happen if you got what you wanted?  You finally lose all that weight and are no longer the “the fat friend”!  It would be exciting right?  But it would also be a little bit scary wouldn’t it?

Getting what you want means you’re whole lifestyle would have to change. No more coming home after a long day and vegging on the couch until you go to bed. To get and maintain that body you would need to come home and hit the gym! Nightly bingeing on ice cream and granola bars would have to stop for sure.  Your friends might even have to change.  Sometimes friends and family won’t be so supportive of your new healthy lifestyle.  If you want to succeed, you’ll want to find friends who will help you reach your goals instead of holding you back.  The way people see you and treat you will change.  How will they react to your slimmer appearance?  How will you react?

The possibility of all this change might just be what is scaring you back into your old habits.  Maybe subconsciously you’re afraid you’re not ready for it yet.  That’s why you keep finding a reason to binge or skip the gym, making it impossible for you to ever reach your goals.  But unless you change you will always be where you are now.  You have two choices:  change or live your entire life this way.  Now, which one of those sounds scarier?  Ask yourself this question next time you find yourself slipping back into old habits.  Don’t let your fear of change stop you from becoming who you want to be.  Trust me, it will be a change for the better

Photo Credit: Bill Branson


We’ve all been there.  You know, when that one piece of pizza turns into 3 slices, half a bag of potato chips, 2 scoops of ice cream and half a jar of peanut butter?  Most everyone is guilty of eating half of what’s in their pantry at some point.  It happens, but for some it happens much too often.  Binge eating is  an  addiction for a lot of people.  Our food obsessed culture, inactive lifestyle, and highly addictive ingredients in our food is almost solely to blame.  The urge to continue eating well past the point of full is too strong for many to resist.

Like I’ve said, we’ve all done it before.    However, there are people  who binge eat every single day.  And  I’m not talking about the “ate too much at Thanksgiving” kind of binge, I mean they eat to the point where if they have one more bite they will vomit.  If you’re at all familiar with the eating disorder known as bulimia, this is exactly what bulimics do.  They will binge on large amounts of food and then throw it back up.  It’s a heart breaking  vicious cycle that’s very harmful to their health.  Binge eaters only differ in that they do not purge their food, but their actions are just as harmful to themselves.

Like bulimia and many other eating disorders, binge eating may be a result of underlying psychiatric issues (ex. depression, anxiety).  If you think you have binge eating disorder then you may want to consult a doctor as well as follow any advice I give you.  That being said, there are many of you who do not have a full blown eating disorder, but still have a problem with binge eating.  What you need to know is that binge eating is a habit.  If you think about it, do you mostly find yourself diving into a binge around the same time each day?  Or a certain day each week?  Or when you partake in a certain activity (sleepovers, parties, meetings..)?  For whatever reason, you’ve gotten into the habit of overeating on such days and it must be stopped.  Those calories will add up to extra pounds of fat and derail any effort you put into your weight loss goals.  But here is how to break your binge habit for good.

Change Your Routine:

If you’re binge begins at certain time everyday (say when you get home from school or work) you need to find something to fill that time period.  Plan your workout for that time, join an after school club or sport,  go to your friends house for a study session….  Do anything that gets you out of your house and away from the kitchen.  You need to do something different to shake up your routine of coming home and immediately starting your binge.

Plan Your Meals:

A lot of binges start when you’re hungry and you come home and grab everything you can in arms length.  Instead plan your meals the night before.  If you can, prepare them the night before.  That way when you’re hungry  you have a meal ready for you when you get home.  You will eat that instead of grabbing handfuls of various caloric snacks from your pantry.

Eat Your Vegetables:

Still hungry after dinner?  Make sure you’re meals contain more fiber rich vegetables.  Vegetables are low in calories so you can eat as much as you want.  They are also a good source of fiber, which will keep you feeling full.    Keep plenty of low calorie fruits and vegetables around so if you still do feel the urge to eat something, you won’t be sabotaging your weight loss.  It’s better you binge on kale than Dorito’s.

Stay Busy:

It’s easy to overeat when you’re bored at home and have nothing to do but eat.  You could literally spend all day eating! But the next time that happens, go for a walk instead.  Do something, anything to keep you from going into that kitchen.  Clean your room, go run errands, take your dog to the park, get engrossed in a DIY art project.  Stay busy doing anything to keep your mind off of binging.


Breaking a habit is not the easiest thing to do.  It will take a lot of discipline and repeated tries before you kick it completely.  But everyday you try and every time you don’t give in you are closer to your goals.  Make sure you are thinking about what exactly your goals are when you feel the urge to binge. You will never get there if you don’t make the effort to break your bad habits.