About the Book

Featured on Oprah and in the widely read Seventeen magazine, Whitney Holcombe has already touched countless lives with her inspiring story and practical advice for young women. At age Fourteen, Whitney bravely stepped onto her bathroom scale, coming face-to-face with a hard fact: She weighed 230 pounds. That number controlled every aspect of her life, until one day she chose to take charge and go from being the “fat girl” to being a healthy, confident young woman.

Part cheerleader, part drill sergeant, Whitney is dedicated to helping teens who are battling obesity and other weight issues. With practical tips, personal insight, and loads of inspiration, Whitney tells the story of her own heroic journey and guides others to make the same journey for healthy, positive life choices. Readers will learn how to:

Get the exercise they need without expensive gym memberships

Make healthy food choices at school, at home, and at parties

Face, tackle, and overcome the temptation to cheat on their true goals

More than just an exercise and diet book, One Year One Hundred Pounds encourages readers to go after their dreams.  The advice Whitney gives  can be used for attaining any goal in life, not just weight loss.  On Year One Hundred Pounds is an important book to read for any young girl who needs the inspiration and motivation to break out of her own shell and become the best that she can be.